Casey J. Coker, MA, MS, LPC, LMFT 
Sun Moon Daughter is a beautifully told story of enduring love through the heartbreak of divorce. By centering the story around the daughter's perception of events, it offers the reader insight as to how a child might experience divorce. This book is a helpful tool for clinicians working with parents and children going through divorce.

LadyD Books
Woven throughout the well-written story is a powerful message of comfort and hope for Grace, and for kids everywhere. The creative characters, plus many warm illustrations will help children who may be hurting and confused, trying to understand why one day their parents are together and then they're not. Feelings are important and divorce is a huge adjustment for Grace feeling like a burden, especially when her Dad (Sun) and Mom (Moon) won't stop fighting.  Do they still love her? Can she love them both?

The authors provide excellent, engaging questions in the back of the book to help parents and their children deal with issues of respect so that no one gets lost and all feel safe. You'll find a new, meaningful perspective that will empower families with love and support in their relationships with one another. I love the book!

5/5 stars. Highly Recommend for home, school and church library.

Erik, This Kid Reviews Books
This is a very interesting book on divorce. I like how it has the sun and moon (two things that can’t possibly be together) as parents. It explains why the sun and moon are in the sky at two different times and relates it to a divorce situation. Both parents love Grace, but Grace is confused. In the book, there are discussion points and questions relating to the story and divorce that parents and children can talk about. I think books like this are important for kids and parents going through a divorce situation. It may help kids talk about what they are feeling and help them understand. The illustrations are very nice to look at and the story is appropriate for any age.

Five out of five bookworms for Sun Moon Daughter. 
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